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A therapist's hands on the head of a lady lying down with a crystal on her forehead
Two green figures with pressure points highlighted with coloured dots

At Hands That Restore I understand the importance of balance, the balance of energy within a human body. Reiki therapy is all about working with the body and its energy system on a holistic level. Keeping the chakras balanced and flowing is a good place to start to improve health and well-being.

Reiki can help with:

Post treatment

  • Pain management

  • Stress and tension release

  • Recovery from operations

  • Low mood and anxiety

  • Sleep and digestion

  • Promotes health and heightens self-awareness

  • Substance abuse recovery

  • Skin conditions

  • And much more

After a treatment most people are relaxed and peaceful, even sleepy. Reiki may stir up emotions; feeling tired or energised is all part of the healing process.  Some may also experience other healing reactions, such as flu like symptoms and headaches. This normally only lasts a few days and is also part of the healing process. Drinking plenty of water and resting as much as you can will help.

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Let the healing energy flow from within

Are you emotionally and physically stressed? Let our Reiki therapy help you feel healed and rebalanced.