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                                                                                                     Pain relief

                                                                                                     Digestive issues

                                                                                                     Improve circulation

                                                                                                     Relaxation and Stress relief

                                                                                                     A deep sense of peace



Moxa can be administered in 3 ways.

Loose Moxa- Mugwort - is placed on a slice of Ginger or Garlic depending on your ills, this is then placed on the body and burnt, the ginger or garlic allows the healing of the Moxa to penatrate the body.

Another is rolled Moxa which is lit and held over the body heating, opening and balancing  pionts and channels.

The third is a Moxa stick on, a small stick of Moxa with a sticky base pad. This is lit and placed on the body using the sticky pad, once the recipient can feel the heat it is removed. Again this help with many ills that occur in the body by rebalancing Yin and Yang.



Traditional Chinese medicine is a 5,000 year old technique founded in China. The use of traditional Chinese medicine is seen to be a more natural form of healing as treatments are based around herbal remedies with ingredients such as flowers, roots, stems, bark and leaves.

Traditional Chinese medicine includes:

Benefits can include:

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Heal naturally with the help of traditional Chinese medicine

To learn more about Moxibustion, speak to Christine at Hands That Restore and begin the journey to a better, stress free you.

Moxibustion (burning moxa – a cone or stick of dried herb)

Moxa is a herb- MUGWORT- which is mixed with small quantities of other herbs. It can be purchased in many different forms, rolled on paper, mixed in charcaol, stick on, and now a spray from. It is used to warm and heat channels.

It is considered the best treatment for illnesses of a cold nature. In Tibet it is used for disorders of bile, phlegm, heat, blood and illness caused from fever. It can also be used fo neurological and lymphatic illnesses.

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