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  • Swedish massage - Let this soothing treatment release physical and mental tension

  • Remedial/sport - For all those deeper muscle issues, whether caused by sport, work or life! This treatment can help relieve tension and works on a deeper level, helping to relieve pain, injury and muscle fatigue

  • Pregnancy massage - Before and after birth. This helps relieve lower back and leg pain and can aid sleep and relaxation

     When pregnant it is very improtant to use a trained person, as your needs and health issues can be very different and great care must be taken when giving a massage at this time.  




Seated Shiatsu Body Works - Seated Shiatsu is loved by many as no clothing needs to be removed. This treatment can take place any where, the office, stable yard or home.  GREAT FOR THE HORSE RIDER as it deals with all the issues faced when trying to keep in balance and relaxed when riding. Gentle controled stretching, rotation and pressure release techniques are applied to give ease to pain and tension.

  • Stimulate circulation and Lymphatic system

  • Helps mobility, flexibility and performance

  • Aids in healing muscle strains

  • Help muscle fatigue, tightness and swelling in joints

  • Improve the skin and breakdown of fatty deposits

Are you suffering from body and muscle pains or just want a relaxing massage? Specialising in massage therapy, I offer the following services to customer who visit Hands That Restore in Southampton.

Massages therapy to suit your needs

Massage therapy can help with:

For more information on my massage therapy, please call:

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Soothing massage therapy in Southampton

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