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All the Therapies I provide work well along side and with  Bowen, Mc Timoney chiropractics, MLP,  physiotherapist and our trusted GPs and Veternary Surgeon.

Hands That Restore provides state-of-the-art animal shiatsu for dogs and horses using Traditional Chinese Medicine. Similar to acupuncture (without needles) Shiatsu uses gentle and controlled rotation, stretching, flexing and pressure release techniques to increase mobility, flexability and performance.

Shiatsu suits all of the following:

Competition animals, working dogs ie. gun dogs and hounds, show dogs and horses (HOYS and Crufts), eventers, show jumpers, agility dogs, not forgetting our faithful pets and companions.


Equine and canine shiatsu can help with:

A complete service for both humans and animals

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    Equine and Canine Shiatsu in the South ...

                     Move Free.....Feel Good

  • Pain relief from injury or illness

  • Digestive issues

  • Myofascial release

  • Stiffness in muscles and joints

  • Unpredictable or anti-social behaviour

  • Allergies and hypersensitivity

  • Sensative to touched around the head and ear area

  • Limb-dragging or odd, irregular actions, or tripping

  • Recurrence of symptoms

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Above is Otis, a Northern Inuite with luxating stifles. The Shaitsu brings him relief from muscle tension and pain, vastly improving his mobility.

If you'd like to know whether Shiatsu could help your dog or horse please get in touch.