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Reiki 1 - The introduction to Reiki healing for oneself and others. Learning meditation and self-healing hand positions. This course involves more than most as I believe if you have a sound foundation all will be well.

Fees:  £175 - 2 day course


Reiki 2 - The continuation of your Reiki journey. Learning ways of working with the physical and emotional body. Distance healing methods and how to work with other energy fields are all learnt. Some health and safty is also covered.

Fees: £275 - 2 day course


Reiki 3 - Master teacher course. Some separate these two, I do not. On this course you will be given the master symbol and shown how to use it with people and animals, bringing your skills in Reiki to a higher level. You may be asked to provide case studies to show your way of working with others, if applicable. Also you must be prepared to be assessed prior to the course to show your skills and way of working in readiness to teach and pass on this knowledge.

Fees: £500 2 day course

Reiki and shiatsu Massage fees:

Massage - Swedish / Remedial and Pregnancy

Human Reiki

£50 first treatment £40 per treatment there after.


Equine and pet Reiki

£50.00 per treatment.

All animals treated in their own homes.

Travel may be extra, please ask.


Equine shiatsu massage

£40.00 per session.


Distance healing

£20 for consultation and first treatment.

£10 per treatment thereafter.


Canine Shiatsu massage

£30 per session.


Human Seated Shaitsu Massage/ great for the horse rider

£30 per session


Energy rebalancing of open or closed spaces and people

£60 per session.

Travel may be extra, please ask.

  • Full body £30

  • Neck, back & and shoulders £25

  • Full leg and feet £25

  • Indian head £25

    Will make house calls at extra cost


   Moxibustion Therapy

    £35 per session



Reiki courses available, all include working with animals. No large groups, more personal. Solo lessons welcome!

For more information on my courses and fees, call

Hands that Restore on:

07795 463 597

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