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  • Stress, lethargy

  • Loss of appetite

  • Injury either long or short term

  • Pain relief / skin conditions

  • Behaviour

Reiki can work well alongside conventional medicine and other therapies and has been recognised by the RCVS (Royal College Veterinary Surgeons). Hands That Restore have also found animal Reiki to succeed when vets have exhausted all avenues open to them.

When giving an animal Reiki I like animals to be in their own surroundings, moving them to a strange place can often bring on stress and hinder any work done. Moreover, their home environment can sometimes hold the key to their problem.  To prepare an animal for treatment it is best to find a warm, calm place with animals needing to be clean and dry.The treatment is best given between mealtimes, and the owner should always be present.


Reiki is universal life energy and is an energy healing method that originated in Japan. It is offered as an alternative treatment in hospitals and other medical institutions. While it has mainly been used for healing people, in recent years, those who give Reiki have realised its healing potential is beneficial to their own pets and other animals.  Animals large and small respond well to this natural therapy and owners often see immediate resaults.

Animal Reiki can help with:

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            Animal Reiki and Commumication

Does your pet require a healing touch? Show your beloved animal the care it deserves. For more information on animal Reiki, please call me at Hands That Restore in Southampton.

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